Today I seen him, the guy who hurt me. He stared at me… sitting in the vehicle. My heart dropped. He looked straight at me and had a smirk on his face. I could have killed him, his girlfriend too. Could they not see my car? Of course they could, they parked right next to it. Pretty ballsy. He sat there, like nothing was wrong… while I try to keep my composure. I get to my car, and lost it. I grabbed my chest trying to breath, but I couldn’t. I hid my eyes, not wanting to let him see me cry. Not giving him that satisfaction. He is a scumbag. He is lucky, one phone call, simple. Pick up my phone and dial those 3 numbers… 9-1-1. His ass would be back to where he was the first time he violated the restraining order. He caught me off guard, I should have dialed those numbers but all I could dial was my friends number… trying to focus. I got the hell out of there. He is lucky this time around. Next time, if there is one, he is going to get locked up!